Renting as it should be

At Roomfy you can respond to homes for free, you can easily pay your rent online and you always know where you stand. Also start renting the new way.

How does it work??

Create an account

The first thing you need for your new rental experience is a brand new account. Once your identity has been confirmed, you can respond unlimitedly to the placed homes for free. The identity of the landlord has also been checked, so you always know who you are doing business with.

Rent Request

Let the host send you a rental request and pay the first month's rent and deposit securely via iDEAL. The payment is automatically paid to your landlord after 72 hours.

Receive your key

Contract signed in the Rent Request? Then pick up your key from the host within 48 hours. Let us know in your personal dashboard that you have received the key and enjoy your new living space!

Free platform

Free platform

Respond to homes for free. That's fair, isn't it? Get in direct contact with the host. Agree to the Rent Request and pay your rent securely via iDEAL. Renting has never been easier.

Rent Request

Rent Request

With a Rent Request you complete the deal around your rental. The landlord can send a Rent Request to the tenant within the chat. Here you will find your contract, the housing details and payment options.

Rent responsibly

Rent responsibly

Your own dashboard with overview of your home and payments. This means that you will never be late with paying your rent again and you will be in direct contact with the host.

Frequently asked questions


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Can I really respond to homes for free?

Yes, you really can. We strive for a transparent search for your new home. For both the tenant and the landlord. For this reason, we offer our platform for free.

Can I also rent per day?

Renting per day is not possible via Roomfy. The minimum rental period is one month.

Do I get an official rental contract?

Hell yes! Our lawyers have drawn up a rental contract with which you can move into your new home responsibly.

Why do I need to identify myself?

By identifying each user you always know who you are doing business with. This way, people with bad intentions cannot enter the platform. Don't worry, your profile is never public. Only verified users you chat with can view your profile.

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